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Adwords Management Services

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How We Do It ​​

 Information Gathering:

Firstly, someone will call you and gather information needed and set goals and expectations in terms of what to expect from working with us.!.

Depending on the type of "conversion" you want to achieve, we will need to look at your website to ensure that it is set up in a way that produces cients whether it be a call, a website click, a form submission, or an app download. Based on our findings, we will recommend changes that we believe are beneficial to your website. 

Once that is done, we gather intel on the competiton to make sure we know what we are dealing with and then we move into the Campaign Building and structure,

Campaign Building:

 ​Account Structuring is a vital part of any AdWords account.

Once we have your information and outlined goals, we will begin building out your AdWords account. Here is where we will choose a long-detailed list of possible keywords that we will reduce to ONLY the most relevant keywords for your lead generation needs.

Full lists of well-known "negative keywords" will be added to your account.

You'll have full access to everything we do (done on your account).

Ads that describe your business in the most effective way will be created within your AdWords account & any Ad extensions and other tools will be implemented.

At this point your AdWords account is ready to go. 

Management & Maintenance:

 Google AdWords Management done correctly requires that we monitor and change your account setting to optimize performance and achieve the highest profit at the lowest cost.

This process varies for each account.  Maintenance on AdWords may include: changing keywords, ads, ad types, keyword types, bids, settings and whatever else is necessary.

The First 3 weeks of AdWords management is crucial to an efficient account. 

During this time, we may contact you to ask about performance to get deeper insights on your AdWords account success and profitability.

Ensuring that your account produces a great ROI is upmost importance. We take this process seriously as its execution is what will make or break your AdWords account.

There's so much that goes into managing an effective AdWords account, rest assured we follow best practices and ensure that we always make the best of your investment.