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  1. Q

    What is Adwords?


    AdWords is an online auction where business owners bid on search terms that people look for on search engines. Putting businesses where clients are looking.
  2. Q

    How Do I Use Adwords?


    Although Anyone can make an Adwords account, Adwords is not a set and forget type of deal. It needs consistent management and optimizations regularly to get the best out of your wallet.
  3. Q

    How Long Has Adwords Been Around?


    Started with 35 advertisers in 2000. Now It Has over 1 Million users Worldwide.
  4. Q

    What is a CTR


    Ctr is your Click-Through-Rate. Impressions divided by clicks.
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    How Do I Improve My Adwords Account?


    There are a multitude of ways to improve an adwords account. If You're unsure of the changes you make and why you make them, then you may want to consult an adwords certified specialist for guidance. Ultimately, performance of an adwords account is based on account setup, landing page experience, and a variety of other factors.
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    Do I Need Adwords Management?


    If you Don't want the headache of managing your own account then, yes. If You have the time to learn and don't mind learning by experience and taking the time to do the work, then, no. Short answer. Get one and try it out, if its not working for you, time to hire a specialist.